Pastor Daniel Pero, 
26 Sefton, 
Rochestown Avenue, 
Dun Leoughaire Co. 

May 2015 Cosgrave family: BACK AT BASE

Dear Pastor and friends,

We are now back in the Philippine one month, after our time of furlough in UK & Europe.  Looking back to furlough’s memos that we will treasure for time and eternity, one of the chief highlights was meeting many of you. In the months leading up to this we could write as John the Apostle did, “ Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.” 2 John 1:12.

 But perhaps the greatest highlights to us was our last week in Ireland those precious days with my parents was what we had returned for. At the airport we said good-bye, and I held my dad & mum so, so long in my arms, I did not want to let them go, but prayed with them in this grasp for God to open their heart. Dad promised me he would seek the Lord. Yes Dad, I said, call upon him while he is near.

We arrived back in the Philippines in the height of summer, the hottest months of the year. I soon became ill and contaminated everyone in the family and beyond. Thankfully after 3 weeks, we are all well again now. Church and Sundays School is picking up pace and some distance backsliders are returning to the fold. We are so glad to find fellowship with them again. Last Sunday we had several visitors and I preached a message entitled “Two categories of sinners” based on Ephesians 2:8,9. Category 1. Sinners saved by grace; Category 2. Sinners not saved. In the mist of the message others began to trickle in the door to hear the message. Often bystander’s peer through the rails outside to catch the words of the sermon; eventually venture in the door to a hearty welcome by all.

AND SO WE PRAY.1.The above, 2. Visitation on Saturday to the most impoverished side of the community.  3. In our absence ancestral worship has greatly picked up pace. What is this? An ancestral box is kept in the home, if so, no prayer, Bible reading, or Church attendance is allowed. If a family member becomes ill they are not allowed to seek outside help. The revival at Bajua Baptist Church in 2005 probably happened as a result of the fire that destroyed the village and most of the A/boxes (bondage broken), coupled with the ground work, which was {A year of evangelism and prayer}.

With a heart full of thanksgiving to you all for your continuous prayers and support, truly and sincerely,


Francis X. Cosgrave

Sending Church

Calvary Bible Baptist Church
Pastor Daniel Pero
26 Sefton
Rochestown Avenue
Dun Laoughaire
Co. Dublin

Dear Pastor & Church friends,

Our time of furlough in Europe is drawing to a speedy close, Oh what a blessing it has been to visit so many of you over these passed months. Yes, time does not allow us to visit everyone. We were going to stay just a little longer to enable this, but then Nida was denied an extension on her visa. But to have her here for Christmas was in the end the prayer, amen. So we owe so, so many of you a depth of thanks for helping this dream become a reality. Thank you for the scores of letters you sent out to the visa department on Nida’s behalf appealing to them to allow her to come to Ireland that she might be reunited with her kids and her love (me). It is for this reason I filmed her arrival at Dublin airport, to capture this precious moment as she embraced the kids to share with you our joy too. Did you view our little min video of this?

Over the last several months we have spanned the length and breath of the UK & Ireland visiting our churches reporting to them of our ministry in the Philippines among the Bajau. We were so, so blessed that God provided a home for us to live in that enabled this become a reality, we owe that dear missionary family in Wales a BIG THANK YOU for entrusting his home to us at that time. It was a pleasure to do what I love doing in summer, mowing the lawn, and in autumn racking the leaves, pruning the plum tree. We will arrive back in Ireland March 17th, then Departing all together as a family back home to the Philippines on March 22nd.

And now my sons & I are about to say bye, bye to Nida and my daughter Norlisa, just one last time, as we set sail for Spain January 26th, We will be premiering our new missions film in Spanish there. We also have a much shorter version in French;

It has been a monumental task to put this together, filming, directing, producing, translating into multiple languages & editing of which the latter three I owe Andy Prendergast of Lewisham, London a Bravo; and he is still working as I pen this letter to you, working day and night, yes often he forgoes rest that he might strive to finish by February 1st.

The same reason why I write our missionary updates, because we want you to see and visualize the mission field, to bring you so close through the video footage that you also would experience what we have experienced, to meet the Bajau people, to see what our church is like, to see how God is working here. Over the years you have read about the things that have befallen us on the mission field, broken legs, shot, murder, disease, fire, earthquake, hurricane, typhoon & shipwreck, but out of tragedy we have also seen Gods glorious hand of restoration, compassion and salvation. This is what you will see in this film. “Our Missionary journey began 18 years ago with a call, a path that is still not complete, a road that only the end is know unto God. 

Francis X. Cosgrave